Leaders aren't born, they're made . . . 


   "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams



While we always tailor our services to each individual client, we have developed a delivery framework that drives consistently successful outcomes.

What you can expect from The True Leader is:

  1. A detailed discovery and planning session to understand your current state and desired outcomes
  2. Time spent with team members to understand their current and potential capability level
  3. Development of customised and branded training content specific to your organisation
  4. Delivery of content to one or many participants
  5. Access to a library of associated tools and templates
  6. Periodic mentoring via 'office hours' for ongoing support, including on-site visits

If that sounds like exactly what you have been searching for, then let's create a whole bunch of new leaders together!!





who its for

The True Leader is for you if you're looking to:

  • Expand the capabilities of your existing team members
  • Access tailored content specific to your business and your needs
  • Empower your team members to grow as your business does
  • Recognise high performing members of your team with career development opportunities
  • Support your team members to embed their new skills with a library of tools and ongoing support


who its NOT for

If any of the following describes you, then this may not be the right fit for you:

  • Your current team members have reached their capacity for growth in their roles
  • You need specialist skills to assist with a transformation project - you're a change maker
  • You don't know what the skills gap in your team looks like just yet - you're a curious cat
  • You just need some ad-hoc advice from time to time - you're a truth seeker
  • You are a budget-shopper - we compete on value, not price

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you, or review our other products and services to see if there is a better fit.